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Our name begins from the Sankskit expression Manasvani meaning Goddess Durga, strength, power. Derived from my name, Mansi which implies a voice of a woman’s heart, it additionally signifies ‘Proud’. We as an organization take pride in delivering exceptional and comprehensive yoga instruction to support our children/youth of the nation in deepening their practice. We trust that to accomplish the ideal agreeable condition of the brain and body, yoga should not exclusively be utilized as a treatment, rather it should be embraced as a lifestyle.

India has given two valuable pearls to the world for example Yoga and Ayurveda. During this time, it is essential to comprehend that psychological well-being is vital for endurance. To assist with this developing degree of tension and discouragement, we should lead a solid way of life, remain associated with our friends and family, and practice yoga at home. In such times, having solid invulnerability and sound psychological wellness is the key to fighting any challenges we face.

Focusing on strengthening the immunity and providing effective, accessible, and affordable means to fight the negative impacts of COVID-19, we are offering holistic yoga practice and awareness for underprivileged strata of the society that combines traditional knowledge with evidence-based practices, serves with a goal to induce a paradigm shift in our community.

Our Story

Modern yoga consists of a range of techniques including asanas (postures) and meditation
derived from some of the philosophies, teachings and practices of the Yoga school.

Live & Breathe Goodness

Yoga Types / Yoga Positions

1. Ustrasana Yoga

5 reps 7 minutes

2. Veerasana Yoga

12 reps time as needed

3. Chakrasana Yoga

4 reps 6 minutes

4. Ustrasana Yoga

4 reps 6 minutes

5. Bakasana Yoga

6 reps 3 minutes

6. Kripalu Yoga

6 reps 2 minutes

7. Hatha Yoga

3 reps as per breathing

8. Vinyasa Yoga

3 reps as per breathing

Class Views


Happy Students




Awesome Instructor

Hatha Yoga 100%
Meditation 90%
Prenatal Yoga 80%
Face Yoga 80%

The Bhagavad Gita defines yoga

as follows

Samatvam yoga ucyate (2.48)

The statement says that equanimity is yoga. This indicates that yoga enables a state of both physical homeostasis and mental equanimity. Yoga is a state of harmony where the body’s physiological functions are maintained and the mind remains in moderation, not overly reacting to either aversion or desire.

The Bhagavad Gita also enumerates mental health in great detail. A mentally sound and healthy individual is referred to as a sthitaprajna, which means a man of steady wisdom. The qualities of a sthitaprajna are elaborated in depth throughout the second chapter called as the Sankhya yoga. They include tranquility, situational stability, emotional stability, free from desires, complete self-control and oneness with brahman or knowledge of the ultimate.

Source: Ayush Ministry

Our objectives

Performing preventive health programs,

Managing health finance, and administration, concerning global health issues.

Our main focus lies in the health system, providing services and health advocacy. Provision of services includes medical, social, and psychological services as well as, integration activities, care and nursing, material and financial support, educational and information services, and training. Health advocacy is a combination of individual and social actions designed to gain political commitment, policy support, social acceptance, and systems support for a particular health goal or program.

We look forward to your support and collaborations to help our communities (children/women/frontline health workers/yoga professionals) which include our underprivileged strata of the society largely. We thank you for your support in helping us continue to foster safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga.

Let’s beat the pandemic wave. Together. Stronger.