21 Days Full Body Yoga Retreat

Cost : Rs 5,000/-

21 Days Of Full Body Healing

A comprehensive 21-day session with Mansi Gulati where you will get to dive into asanas, meditation, face-yoga, mudras, mind-relaxing, and understanding food. Yoga is not just about exercises, but it’s a journey towards healing your body from within and learning how to be more mindful in our daily lives.

Every day we face new challenges with our health as we grow older, hence it is very crucial to start caring for your body and opting for the journey towards yoga practices.

Benefits of these sessions

  1. yoga and breathing exercises (calming yoga)
  2. Face yoga for glowing skin
  3. face yoga for wrinkles
  4. yoga and mindfulness
  5. Yoga for acne and pigmentation
  6. yoga for thyroid and sinus
  7. yoga for hair fall
  8. calories burn yoga
  9. strength training with yoga
  10. yoga for pigmentation
  11. yoga for eye power dark circles, puffy eyes
  12. yoga for hair fall.
  13. yoga to improve flexibility
  14. 1face yoga for double chin
  15. face lifting massage
  16. yoga for hormonal imbalance
  17. yoga for strengthening muscles
  18. yoga for anti-aging
  19. yoga for face symmetry
  20. yoga for healthy living
  21. yoga and Satvik diet
  22. yoga to control stress.

These group sessions will be taken online and live

They say it takes 21 days to build a new habit, so, are you ready to start this new journey with Mansi and make it a part of your life?

21 Days Full Body Yoga Retreat

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